Spernik Burnov

A young human of Chondathan descent turns to meet you. Beneath a well-made mantle woven with draconic motifs, you can see oiled leather armour and a shortsword. "You're intruding", he warns you, "go be elsewhere."


Spernik is a young human scribe from Mantor’s Library and an undercover member of the Cult of the Dragon.


Spernik is young, no more than 20 years old, with short brown hair and eyes. His pale skin becomes flush when he is agitated.


Spernik is quite capable in both magic and combat in spite of his youth. His knowledge of magic has benefited from excellent mentoring, and he is well-versed in cult lore.

In 1489 DR

Spernik came to Phlan with several other members of the Cult of the Dragon in Alturiak of 1489 DR, braving a winter crossing of the Moonsea from Mulmaster. He then spent four months under cover at Mantor’s Library as a scribe, collecting valuable knowledge for the cult while simultaneously erasing the knowledge from the new copies of the books he made. In particular, he sought out knowledge of the pool of radiance that once existed beneath Phlan as well as knowledge of the Circle of the Scale, a druid circle that had once possessed a mighty artifact.

On Kythorn 16, Spernik learned that his fellow cultist, Ellison Berenger, had absconded from the library, murdering the newly-appointed Chief Archivist on his way out, and was being pursued by several adventurers who had been of previous assistance to the Lord Sage. Along with Tibeem, the third member of the cult who had infiltrated the library, he snuck into the Lord Sage’s offices in a last-ditch attempt to collect rare lore that had eluded their grasp. Unfortunately for the two cultists, they were spotted leaving the Lord Sage’s offices and had to fight their way out. In the ensuing chaos, Spernik pushed a guard at Tibeem, who stabbed him shortly before being held in place by a spell cast by the Lord Sage. Without the time or the skill to free his companion from the Lord Sage’s spell, Spernik went on without him.

Leaving the library, Spernik met up with his childhood mentor and friend, Orryn. Saying only that their work had been discovered, Spernik pressed onward with haste into the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains, where they met up with their complement of kobold minions before seeking out the ruins of the Circle of the Scale. Early on Kythorn 18, only hours ahead of the adventurers that had been dispatched directly by the Lord Sage, they arrived at the standing stones that marked the entrance to the circle. By studying the carvings on the stones, Spernik and Orryn devised the secret to opening the circle’s sanctuary and descended into its depths, leaving some of their kobold minions on the surface to drive off any pursuers.

Inside the circle’s sanctuary, Spernik met with challenge after challenge, losing many of the kobolds to various traps that obstructed his path to gathering the fragments of a key that would unlock the vault in which the artifact supposedly resided. While attempting to devise a solution to his situation, the adventurers who were pursuing him caught up. In the ensuing battle, all of Spernik’s remaining kobolds were slain and he was defeated, his life spared only through the careful negotiations of his mentor, Orryn.

Spernik Burnov

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