Perrin of Lathander

A tall male human turns and brushes wayward brown hair from his eyes. A golden sunburst symbol hangs from a chain around his neck, and a bright sundisk is displayed on his surcoat. “The Morninglord’s light upon you”, he says.


Perrin is an anointed warrior of Lathander, the Morninglord. He is one of the faithful who are working to cleanse the old Lyceum of the Black Lord.


Perrin is a handsome human male of muscular physique in his late 20s or early 30s. He has light brown hair and soft blue eyes.


Perrin is a devout follower of the Morninglord who wields his faith in battle. He can empower his strikes with divine power, heal with a touch, detect the presence of evil, and call down the Morninglord’s wrath in battle.

In 1489 DR

On Kythorn 14, the adventurers met Perrin when they awoke among the faithful of Lathander. Later that day, they asked for his assistance in rescuing Villonah Leadstopper, wayward daughter of the gnome Rillo Leadstopper. Perrin proved himself a stalwart ally, bearing the brunt of a grick’s attacks.

On Kythorn 21, the adventurers sought out help from the followers of Lathander in their quest to investigate the rumours of a ghost ship attacking settlements along the Stormy Bay. Perrin agreed to join their travelling party, and set out with them on Kythorn 22. That night, Perrin informed the party that Spernik held a shadow in his heart and should be watched.

The next day, some time after the party had arrived and spent some time on the unnamed island that Aleyd Burral believed would be the next target of the ghost ship, Perrin advised the adventurers that the entire island seemed to be steeped in an aura of evil, and many of the inhabitants held darkness in their hearts. When asked to elaborate, he said that very rarely were evil people irredeemable, but that there was more to the village than met the eye.

The answer to the mystery was discovered in a cave on the far side of the island where it was discovered the villagers had struck a dark pact 60 years ago. An altar, caked with dried blood and consecrated to Tiamat, the Dragon Queen attested to the depravity of the island’s leaders. Though unwilling to abandon the common folk of the island (the Folk) to the predations of the Cult of the Dragon, Perrin concurred that a reckoning was necessary to free the island from the darkness that had seeped into its core.

That night, Perrin fought valiantly alongside the other adventurers to turn back the assault by the Cult of the Dragon. He then joined in the counter-offensive that took the fight to the cult’s ship—and witnessed the return of the supposed protectors of the island: the Audacity. With the Audacity’s crew twisted by bondage in the Nine Hells and eager for blood, a brutal three-way battle erupted aboard the ships that ended with the triumph of the adventurers and the capture of the leader of the cult force.

Upon returning to shore, the adventurers became divided when the captured cultist, who introduced herself as Alara, overheard sensitive information. Ridley and Orryn felt that she posed too great a security risk to allow to live, while Makar, Rowan, and Perrin all objected to murdering her. Perrin suggested that she be taken back to Phlan bound and gagged where her memory of the incident would be erased. He was eventually forced to leave the island with Alara for her protection after numerous attempts on her life.

Perrin of Lathander

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