Madam Freona

“I understand you’re responsible for that unsightly addition to my establishment? It’s perfect. We needed another conversation piece. How much do you want for it?”


The enigmatic Madam Freona is a stout and officious halfling matron who has run the eponymous Madam Freona’s Tea Kettle for the past 12 years.


Madam Freona is a wizened but hale halfling with a perpetual scowl to match her irreverent humour. She is short, even by the standards of halflings, standing just under 3 feet tall.


It is currently unknown if Madam Freona possesses any abilities beyond a keen business acumen.

In 1489 DR

Madam Freona has been running the Tea Kettle for over a decade. She is helped in this endeavour by her five daughters: Blaizette, Briez, Grelinda, Reece, and Whittlee.

On Kythorn 17, the adventurers mounted the severed head of Rythnax, a young black dragon, on the second floor of the Tea Kettle overlooking the common room. Madam Freona initially seemed repulsed by the addition, but deemed it a good conversation piece and offered the adventurers a significant reward that she would apply as a credit towards their rooms.

Later that day, Theren infiltrated her office through a clever ruse in order to determine whether her exquisite rug was a carpet of flying. It was not.

Madam Freona

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