Holly the Herbalist

The old woman behind the counter looks up quickly, not having heard your approach. “Yes, dearie?” she asks cheerily, “Welcome to Holly’s Herbals. What do you need? I have all manner of herbs, balms, and draughts.”


Holly is a venerable herbalist and the proprietress of Holly’s Herbals, a small shop located on Scholar’s Square.


Holly appears to be a elderly, frail human woman well past her prime. She has significant hearing impairment and often leans in to present her “good” ear to the speaker.


Holly has been an herbalist for decades and has unparallelled knowledge in her field. Though she sells the ingredients necessary to create potions of healing, it is unknown if she is capable of crafting them herself.

In 1489 DR

On Kythorn 11, Theren and Makar entered Holly’s shop looking for various ingredients and tools for putting together healing kits or brewing healing potions.

On Kythorn 17, the adventurers were able to sell off many rare components of draconic anatomy to Holly, who was eager to put them to use in various special projects.

Holly the Herbalist

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