Aleyd Burral

This human woman has dirty blond hair streaked with grey. She fixes you with a piercing glare. “What is it?” she demands. “I'm very busy.”


Aleyd Burral is a middle-aged human woman and a member of the Black Fists.


Burral is a mature human woman with a strong physique and austere manner. Her dark blonde hair is streaked with grey.


As a Knight Captain of the Black Fists, Burral is likely a competent warrior with demonstrated leadership skills.

In 1489 DR

The adventurers met Burral on Kythorn 15 when she happened upon their group in the midst of a misunderstanding with other members of the Black Fist. Taking charge of their prisoner, Soares, Burral escorted the adventurers to Mantor’s Library to continue the investigation of the thefts.

Upon arriving at the library and the discovery of Ellison Berenger as the instigator of attempted murder, as well as the perpetrator of a successful one (and also being the thief responsible for the disappearance of several rare books), Burral enlisted the adventurers to help her to apprehend him. Unfortunately, Berenger blasted a hole beneath the library as the adventurers had scarcely started their pursuit, causing the collapse of several large bookshelves that separated her from the adventurers, blocking her progress. She charged the adventurers to pursue Berenger without her.

On Kythorn 16, the adventurers returned to Phlan with Berenger as their prisoner, turning him in to Burral as soon as they arrived.

On Kythorn 22, Burral met with the adventurers regarding rumours of a ghost ship plaguing the Stormy Bay, asking that they follow up with Yovir Glandon’s request to investigate and bring back information that might motivate her fellow members of the Black Fist to make adequate preparations.

Aleyd Burral

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