Madam Freona's Tea Kettle

This three-story structure offers a haven from the tumult of of the city and and a great place for adventurers to find work. 

The inn is run by Madam Freona, a stout and officious halfling who is aided by her five daughters: Blaizette, Briez, Grelinda, Reece, and Whittlee. The common room is scarcely empty, and the stew has been famed throughout the city since Madam Freona first opened the Tea Kettle 12 years ago. 


Stay (per night): 2 sp (single rooms), or 3 sp (double rooms)
Stay (tenday): 18 sp (single rooms), or 27 sp (double rooms)
Stay (fortnight): 23 sp (single rooms), or 35 sp (double rooms) 
Stabling (per night): 1 cp per horse 

Food and Drink

- Gallon: 2 sp
- Mug: 4 cp 
- Common (pitcher): 2 sp
- Fine (bottle): 10 gp
Bread, loaf: 2 cp
Cheese, hunk: 1 sp
Meat, chunk: 3 sp
- Bread (barley) and cheese with milk: 3 cp
- Poached quail eggs, side bacon, and toast (rye) with milk: 8 cp 
Lunch and Dinner
- Hard bread and cheese with ale: 4 cp
- Fish (carp and bream) soup with carrots and lentils, served with ale: 6 cp
- Chicken pottage with ale: 3 sp
- Venison stew with ale: 3 sp
- Fried slices of fattened goose with carrots, turnips, and nuts with wine: 5 sp


Madam Freona's Tea Kettle

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