The Lord Sage of Phlan

This aged half-elf has white hair and a vigour rather surprising given his advanced age. He wears plain red robes and a silver chain with the library's insignia. “Hello”, he says, “do you have an appointment?”


The Lord Sage of Phlan is a half-elf of surpassing age and the foremost scholar in Phlan.


The Lord Sage has medium-length white hair and a well-kept beard. The pale cast of his teal-coloured eyes and his pointed ears reveal the elven side of his heritage. He wears plain red robes in the style of the other librarians in Mantor’s Library, as well as a single silver chain and insignia indicating his elevated status as the library’s Master Librarian and Head Curator. In spite of his advanced age, the Lord Sage has a seemingly boundless vigour for scholarly pursuits.


The Lord Sage is an accomplished wizard capable of polymorphing strong-willed individuals such as Makar. The full extent of his powers are currently unknown.

In 1489 DR

In 1489 DR, the Lord Sage had held his position for longer than many could recall. He had also held the positions of Master Librarian and Head Curator in Mantor’s Library for many years.

The adventurers met the Lord Sage on Kythorn 13 when they entered Mantor’s Library seeking to learn about the nature of their shared vision. With some persuasion, they were able to convince the Lord Sage to make some time in his day. Following the recounting of their experiences, the Lord Sage agreed that the visions were troubling and asked the adventurers to return on Kythorn 16 after he had a chance to consult his books.

On Kythorn 17, the adventurers returned to Phlan after chasing down Ellison Berenger and found that his fellow cultists, Tibeem and Spernik, had been caught leaving the Lord Sage’s offices. Though the adventurers initially feared that the esteemed scholar had been slain during the cultists’ flight, their fears were quickly allayed when they found the Lord Sage in good health, if somewhat frustrated with the events of late. With time being of the essence, the Lord Sage shared some of his research into the Dawn Relics, as he had come to call the items he believed to have appeared in the adventurers’ shared vision. Evidently, the Cult of the Dragon also was aware of one that was relatively close: the hierophant’s coronal. With enough clues having already been gathered about the location, the adventurers set off to catch up with Spernik and claim the relic before he could.

The Lord Sage of Phlan

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