A male human gently presses his hand to the head of a woman resting in a rough cot. Nodding to the attending healer, he starts to move on when he sees you approach. “Lathander’s light shine on you, my friends”, he says.


High Radiance Eradon—or Brother Eradon, as he prefers—is a priest of Lathander. He and his order are working to cleanse the unholy aura of the Lyceum of the Black Lord, the former temple of Bane that was burned down in 1488 DR.


Eradon is a male human of middle age with reddish-brown hair and bright green eyes. For someone of such exalted station, Eradon prefers to wear simple clothing, eschewing pomp for practicality.


Eradon is not merely a priest, he is also a full-fledged cleric of Lathander, and is able to call upon the Morninglord’s grace in overt, manifest ways. Though the full extent of his divine favour is not currently known, he has demonstrated himself capable of great feats of healing and even transporting creatures over long distances to an area consecrated to the Morninglord.

In 1489 DR

The adventurers met Eradon when they awoke on Kythorn 14 after the incident involving a dragon’s tooth in Madam Freona’s Tea Kettle. Eradon and a number of his brothers, returning to their temple from ministering to the weak in Podol’s Plaza, came upon the adventurers on the verge of death. He teleported the whole group to the ruins of the Lyceum of the Black Lord where they were healed. Eradon was not able to supply any information about the weapons that appeared in the adventurers’ vision, and suggested that they visit Mantor’s Library to learn more.


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