Ellison Berenger

The middle-aged human looks at you with deep blue eyes and turns his face to hide his distinctive burn scars. "How can I help you?" he asks.


Ellison Berenger is a scribe who works at Mantor’s Library. He was hired on approximately four months ago.


Ellison is of average appearance, with brown hair and blue eyes. The only thing that would set him apart in a crowd is the burn scars along the left side of his face from a mishap involving a magical item he stole from Aya Glenmiir.


Ellison has demonstrated skills in infiltration and defeating magical defences.

In 1489 DR

On Kythorn 15, following leads in the case of several missing books from the library’s possession, the adventurers came to pin their suspicions on Ellison. While they were too late to save their friend, Garda Greenleaf, as well as a bystander who refused to sell Berenger a horse, they eventually caught up with the thief in the Twilight Marsh north of the city. Dispatching Rythnax, his dragon associate, the adventurers apprehended Ellison and recovered the stolen items. They also discovered that he had not been acting alone, and that two other members of the Cult of the Dragon, Tibeem and Spernik, had also infiltrated the library for nefarious purposes.

Ellison Berenger

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