The man before you doesn’t look like much, but he speaks with fervour. “Members of the Zhentarim believe that people should have whatever they want, and we don’t believe others should be able to tell a man what he can and can’t have.”


Chaab is a human male of Chondathan descent and a member of the Zhentarim. He can usually be found at the Cracked Crown Inn.


Chaab takes great pains to make his appearance as plain as possible, allowing him to hide in plain sight. With close-cropped brown hair and a plain face, he is easy to forget. Chaab is fond of dark colours that allow him to more easily blend in with the surroundings.


As an agent of the Zhentarim, Chaab is undoubtedly skilled in subterfuge. His combat abilities remain unknown.

In 1489 DR

The adventurers met Chaab when rescuing the family of Millivent Moss from the Foulwater goblin tribe on Kythorn 11. While spying on the movements of the goblins, he was discovered and captured along with the Moss family.

Later, on Kythorn 17, the adventurers were reacquainted with Chaab shortly before they left for the Dragonspine Mountains to track down the cultist Spernik. Demonstrating an unsettling knowledge of the party’s current affairs, Chaab offered to induct the group into the Zhentarim if they would complete a task: clear out the Circle of the Scale and make a map of the complex so that the Zhentarim could move in and utilize it.

On Kythorn 22, Calcimar met with Chaab at Madam Freona’s Tea Kettle and handed over the map of the complex. Chaab advised that he would arrange for Cal’s induction into the Zhentarim and said he—along with other Zhentarim agents—could be found at the Cracked Crown Inn. He also shared that the Zhentarim’s code phrase was “every blade a black blade”.


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