Cassra Brandywine

At your knock on her door, a halfling woman with short, blonde hair—likely self-cut from its uneven style—leans around a large stack of books on her desk. Her clothes are well-made but, much like the furniture in her office, are stained with blue ink.


Cassra Brandywine is the Scribe Master of Mantor’s Library.


In spite of her apparent efforts, Cassra seems to have a permanently-disheveled appearance. Her style and fashion seem to be entirely utilitarian; her lovely blonde hair is cut short to be out of her eyes, her clothes—while well-made—have little embellishment aside from ubiquitous stains of blue ink, and she eschews the cosmetics that many other women of means in Phlan seem to favour.


It is currently unknown if Cassra has any magical or combat abilities.

In 1489 DR

The adventurers met Cassra on Kythorn 13 when they entered Mantor’s Library seeking answers about a vision they had shared following the events in Madame Freona’s Tea Kettle. She referred them to the Lord Sage of Phlan.

On Kythorn 14, when Theren and Calcimar returned to Mantor’s Library searching for arcane lore, their guide, Garda Greenleaf, asked them to put in a good word about him to the Scribe Master. As Theren and Calcimar were leaving the library, they met with Cassra again, and she asked them to look into the theft of several rare books that had been on loan from the library’s stocks. She offered 100 gp for the party’s help in this matter.

Cassra Brandywine

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