Brice Vang

A man with short, black hair well-streaked with grey sets down a heavy hammer and wipes his brow with a well-used rag. "Welcome, friends", he says, "we have the finest protection in Phlan for sale here. What will it be?"


Brice Vang is a master armourer who runs The Armoury, a prosperous shop located southwest of Scholar’s Square.


Vang is a male human of average height and strong build. He has short black hair and a close-cropped beard, both well-streaked with grey. Vang’s dour expression seems to only ever be lifted when presented with a challenge in his trade.


Vang is an exceptional blacksmith who specializes in armourcraft. He is capable of working with a wide variety of materials, including rare substances like dragon scale. He assures that his work is sturdy enough to hold permanent enchantments, though he does not have the magical abilities necessary to enchant items himself.

In 1489 DR

The adventurers met Brice Vang on Kythorn 11, when they entered The Armoury in search of arms before they left to help Millivent Moss. After the adventurers returned on Kythorn 12, Ridley and Makar returned to his shop to have him create several custom weapons.

Satisfied with Vang’s work, they returned again on Kythorn 16 to inquire what he could do with the various dragon parts they had harvested from Rythnax’s corpse. Vang was more excited than they had ever seen him at the opportunity to craft armour with dragon hide and scale. He agreed to create dragonscale armour for Ridley for a price of 315 gp (100 gp paid up front) and a leather cloak made of dragonhide for Calcimar for a price of 100 gp. The former would take 3 months, and the latter 3 weeks. He also agreed to incorporate one of Rythnax’s teeth into the butt end of Makar’s spear (20 gp, 2 days) and refine one of the dragon’s heart strings into a bowstring for Leman (one week).

Brice Vang

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