Aya Glenmiir

This female, raven-haired elf looks up at you with radiant green eyes. Scattered around her are neatly-piled stacks of books and lecterns showing voluminous tomes filled with strange writing and intricate diagrams. “Good day”, she says in a delicate tone.


Aya Glenmiir is a mature elven woman who runs Glenmiir’s Glorious Goods, a small but prosperous shop in Phlan’s Scholar’s Square.


Glenmiir has long black hair and radiant green eyes. She is a full-blooded moon elf and cultivates her appearance to emphasize her racial features.

As an elf, Glenmiir’s age is difficult to determine. She claims to have seen the world before the Spellplague, which would suggest that she has lived for at least a century.


According to Cassra Brandywine, Scribe Master of Mantor’s Library, Glenmiir is a wizard of modest skill. Her true talent is scholarship, and she is an eminent expert on the Weave. She is also a capable teacher and plies a minor trade in tutoring the basics of arcane spellcasting to those who can afford her services.

As a wizard who survived the Spellplague—the great upheaval following the death of the goddess of magic in which magic became dangerously unpredictable and most mages went mad—Glenmiir is almost certainly a talented spellcaster.

In 1489 DR

On Kythorn 12, Calcimar entered Glenmiir’s shop to inquire about purchasing a magical staff. Glenmiir confirmed that she could create certain magical items, but her prices were too steep for Calcimar to commission anything. Glenmiir asked that Calcimar bring her any formulae for magic items that he discovers, offering a discount on any item she crafts with it.

On Kythorn 14, the group learned that Glenmiir had been in possession of a certain book belonging to Mantor’s Library, The Weave: A Practical Observation of Impractical Occurrences, that had been stolen. They were offered 100 gp by Cassra Brandywine to recover this tome, along with others that could be found.

On Kythorn 17, the adventurers returned one of Glenmiir’s stolen scrolls, reclaimed from Ellison Berenger. The elf’s guilt overcame her shame and she admitted that the thief had taken several scrolls along with the book, and she had been too proud to admit that items of such value had been stolen. She thanked the adventurers for their honour and respect. Later that day, when Cal returned to her shop to find a bag of holding, she gladly loaned him her own while she set about crafting one for him, saying to return in a tenday.

Aya Glenmiir

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