• Aleyd Burral

    Aleyd Burral

    This human woman has dirty blond hair streaked with grey. She fixes you with a piercing glare. “What is it?” she demands. “I'm very busy.”
  • Aya Glenmiir

    Aya Glenmiir

    This female, raven-haired elf looks up at you with radiant green eyes. Scattered around her are neatly-piled stacks of books and lecterns showing voluminous tomes filled with strange writing and intricate diagrams. “Good day”, she says in a delicate tone.
  • Brice Vang

    Brice Vang

    A man with short, black hair well-streaked with grey sets down a heavy hammer and wipes his brow with a well-used rag. "Welcome, friends", he says, "we have the finest protection in Phlan for sale here. What will it be?"
  • Cassra Brandywine

    Cassra Brandywine

    At your knock on her door, a halfling woman with short, blonde hair—likely self-cut from its uneven style—leans around a large stack of books on her desk. Her clothes are well-made but, much like the furniture in her office, are stained with blue ink.
  • Chaab


    The man before you doesn’t look like much, but he speaks with fervour. “Members of the Zhentarim believe that people should have whatever they want, and we don’t believe others should be able to tell a man what he can and can’t have.”
  • Ellison Berenger

    Ellison Berenger

    The middle-aged human looks at you with deep blue eyes and turns his face to hide his distinctive burn scars. "How can I help you?" he asks.
  • Eradon


    A male human gently presses his hand to the head of a woman resting in a rough cot. Nodding to the attending healer, he starts to move on when he sees you approach. “Lathander’s light shine on you, my friends”, he says.
  • Garda Greenleaf

    Garda Greenleaf

    This plain-looking, middle-aged human looks up from scribbling in a large book nestled in the crook of his elbow. He wears grey, homespun robes stained with bright blue ink. “Good day”, he says cheerfully.
  • Holly the Herbalist

    Holly the Herbalist

    The old woman behind the counter looks up quickly, not having heard your approach. “Yes, dearie?” she asks cheerily, “Welcome to Holly’s Herbals. What do you need? I have all manner of herbs, balms, and draughts.”
  • Madam Freona

    Madam Freona

    “I understand you’re responsible for that unsightly addition to my establishment? It’s perfect. We needed another conversation piece. How much do you want for it?”
  • Perrin of Lathander

    Perrin of Lathander

    A tall male human turns and brushes wayward brown hair from his eyes. A golden sunburst symbol hangs from a chain around his neck, and a bright sundisk is displayed on his surcoat. “The Morninglord’s light upon you”, he says.
  • Spernik Burnov

    Spernik Burnov

    A young human of Chondathan descent turns to meet you. Beneath a well-made mantle woven with draconic motifs, you can see oiled leather armour and a shortsword. "You're intruding", he warns you, "go be elsewhere."
  • The Crones

    The Crones

    Decrepit salt wives huddle around the village’s central fire. “Come closer, child”, says one. “The soup is ready”, another says. They cackle between themselves.
  • The Lord Sage of Phlan

    The Lord Sage of Phlan

    This aged half-elf has white hair and a vigour rather surprising given his advanced age. He wears plain red robes and a silver chain with the library's insignia. “Hello”, he says, “do you have an appointment?”