Tyranny in Phlan

The Meeting at Deepnight
The Dragon Egg Affair

Kythorn 10, dusk — As the patrons of Madam Freona's Tea Kettle prepared to turn in for the night, a ragtag band of adventurers (Theren, Ridley, Calcimar, and Leman) were approached by a hooded man with a strange proposition. A dragon egg was up for sale on the black market, and the hooded man represented a faction that wished to ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands. The adventurers agreed to stand in the place of the original merchant, who had been scared off. They were given a stash of fake diamonds to pay for the egg, a scrying sensor to place on the seller, and sent off. 

The adventurers met the seller and her guards at the appropriate time and place, but their transaction was interrupted by the appearance of several thugs who had overheard of the transaction and had lain in wait, hoping to take the money and the egg for themselves. A fight ensued and, with the timely aid of an elven druid, Makar, the adventurers ultimately prevailed. The exchange was completed and the scrying sensor placed but, to the dismay of the adventurers, the egg was discovered to be fake. Not willing to risk crossing back into civilized Phlan after curfew, the adventurers took refuge in a warehouse belonging to the family of one of their members, Leman Sokol, for the night. 

Kythorn 11, morning — The adventurers returned to Madam Freona's Tea Kettle after curfew had lifted and collected their payment from the hooded man, who revealed himself to be a member of the Harpers and cautioned the adventurers to be wary of the increased interest in all things dragon related throughout the Moonsea region. He offered a parting gift in the form of a pin that displayed the Harper insignia, saying that it would allow future contact. 

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